B&B Alloggio Maria is in the heart of Naples, in Via dei Tribunali, also called "Decumano Maggiore" which, together with "Decumano Inferiore and Superiore", forms the basic structure of the ancient city. The "Decumano Maggiore" starts at Piazza Bellini (here you can visit the Greek walls built in the 4th century BC and the Convent of S.Antonio in Port'Alba), passes through via San Pietro a Majella (where you can find the Musical Museum and Palazzo Spinelli, built in 1500) and finishes in Via dei Tribunali (here you can find Piazza San Gaetano and San Gregorio Armeno, famous in the world for the "presepe napoletano" representation of the Nativity). At the end of Via dei Tribunali you reach Via Duomo where you can visit the cathedral, San Gennaro's chapel and Riaro Sforza square. During your walk you'll find many small churches and chapels that reflect the various architecture styles in Naples. Completely renovated with an indipendent entrance, our B%B consists of rooms furnished with attention to details, named with women's name. All rooms are complete of heating, air conditioning, satellite TV, internet access, telephone. They're also equipped with indipendent bathroom. Breakfast will be served in a dedicated room where, during your relax, you can also watch satellite TV, surf on Internet and use the stove.